Ingredients (4 people):

4 white dough tortillas.
100 gr. of ham.
100 gr. of gouda cheese (or, failing that, whatever you have at home).
Chilli (failing this, red pepper).
1 red pepper.
1 tomato.
1 tub of Avosnerja Guacamole.


Cut the ham and cheese into thin slices and spread them over the omelette, cover with another omelette on top (like a sandwich).

Chop the onion and chilli into very small pieces and sprinkle them on top.

Put in the oven (250º - 10 min.) or in the microwave for 2 min.

Tomato sauce: Crush the tomato and finely chop the pepper, add salt and oregano and stir.

Serve with Avosnerja guacamole sauce and natural tomato spread (to taste).